Paxterra Solutions and Infonam merge to form Terralogic

Paxterra solutions Inc., and Infonam Inc., come together to form the next-generation innovation in Engineering and IT Services Industry as Terralogic Inc.. The combined organization will cater to its customers with an expanded portfolio of Engineering and IT services in Telco, Media, automotive, travel and healthcare verticals. With 900+ workforce, 70+ customers and presence in US [Dallas, Atlanta, Cupertino] , UK [London], Vietnam [Ho Chi minh city] and India [ Bangalore, Hyderabad], the goal is to create highly cost effective services model with quality, innovation and ownership that will alleviate time-to-market challenges for its customer base . Terralogic is backed by board of directors including Ash Bhardwaj, Renil Komitla, Prithvi Puttaraju and Rama Kini, Board of advisors from PE community and Fortune 500 companies, Experienced management team with an outstanding track record of delivering Engineering and IT services.

“We want to bolster our growth pace with expansion in technology portfolio, global presence and experience from industry veterans in the services space to cater to the growing needs of our customer base while continuing to fuel our employee aspirations. This merger is a perfect match for us to take on the leap”, said Rama Kini CEO of Paxterra Solutions Inc.

“This merger of Infonam and Paxterra is a perfect coming together of minds to build a solid, globally spread technology services company. With both companies having exceeded customer expectations so far, it will form an even more robust platform with increased Customer Value Creation, maximised Employee Engagement and super excited stakeholders” said Prithvi Puttaraju CEO of Infonam Inc.


Rama Kini

A leader with innovative bent of mind with technical acumen, she has been a precursor to the growth of Paxterra. Her extensive experience through her tenure at Cisco, Juniper networks and Nevis Networks combined with her out-of-box thinking, makes her methodology stand out. Rama topped the university twice holding MS in Organic chemistry Osmania University, and also holds MS in Computer Science from UNCC. Outside of technology, her balance is in the fitness world as a licensed Zumba fitness instructor


Prithvi Puttaraju

Entrepreneur with 25 years of software bussiness experience. Specializing in businesses in Asia (India, China, Japan, SEAsia). Moving into challenging territories building high performance teams


Ash Bhardwaj

Ran multi-billion dollar corporations with 150,000 employees or more. Ex-CEO of Aricent, President  of Flextronics Asia Pacific & serial entrepreneur. Strong understanding of software outsourcing & emerging markets. Great Visionary. Founder of InfoNam, Snapstick, Chalo, Netwala, Algosquare, Orgit


Renil Komitla

A member of Paxterra Solutions Inc., in 2008, Renil started the company with an intention of providing an array of distinguished services in engineering, IT and strategy sector. An incisive professional with over a decade of experience in various management roles and expertise in networking sector where his stints include Wichorus [ acquired by Tellabs], Stoke networks and Cisco.